Want to know how to increase your online sales by 10%?

Want to know how to increase your online sales by 10%?

Tuesday 30th June 2020 at 08:27

By Olivia

Offering free delivery on your website can increase your online sales by at least 10%!

In this time whilst we're all trying to figure out ways to increase online sales, it can be overwhelming with the amount of things you 'should' do. Well today we're going to go over a proven and easy ways to build up your sales.

increase your online sales my 10 percent

Why should I offer free delivery?

Because customers love it! When online shopping, 93% of consumers have said that they prefer free delivery to any other type of discount and

According to Fed Ex, when shopping online, 73% of customers want to see free delivery at the checkout and there are lot's of businesses that offer this but of course it isn't feasible for everyone to do this all the time. That being said it's definitely something worth considering as one of the biggest factors in abandoned shopping baskets is delivery costs, in fact up to 70% of abandoned shopping baskets are caused by this.

Whilst offering free delivery might seem impossible, I urge you to consider it as according to this article by StitchLabs they found that offering free delivery can increase your sales by a whole 10%! Also back in 2014, a Business Insider report showed that 58% of customers used free shipping options when buying things.

increase sales by 10%

According to a 2015 study by ups and comstore

Offering free delivery can also be used as a up-selling technique. For example if you only offer delivery for orders of £250 or more then often people will add extra items to their basket in order to qualify for free delivery. So it’s a win-win!

Where should I offer free delivery to?

You don't necessarily have to offer it worldwide, because let's face it swallowing all of those shipping costs, would probably bankrupt anyone, but you could easily do it just to the UK if you factor all or part of the delivery cost into your stock prices. You could also do it for a limited time, for example the last week of the month as that's usually when everyone get's paid.

It's also a lot easier to offer free delivery while including your shipping costs in your stock, as you then don't need to worry about creating delivery prices and bands in the website manager.

We’d recommend only offering free delivery to your own country, but with our websites you can make it so that you can have free delivery to your own country but paid delivery elsewhere (or no delivery elsewhere if you only want to do your own country).


Free delivery to your country (eg if you're in the UK then free UK delivery) can work quite well and help break down the barrier to sale and increase sales. Research shows that offering free delivery can increase sales by at least 10%, and in surveys 93 percent of respondents have said that free shipping encouraged them to buy more online.

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By Olivia
Tuesday 30th June 2020 at 08:27

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